Exchange's Program of Service is divided into the categories of Americanism, Community Service and Youth, with Child Abuse Prevention emphasized as our national project. These activities have been carefully designed to meet the needs of our communities as well as to preserve and strengthen the principles that make our nation great.

Our Program Committee maintains a schedule inviting speakers to our regular weekly meetings to keep us informed of a variety of programs currently in place throughout our community where we might be able to partner with and / or assist in their efforts.

We also continue supporting ongoing fundraising programs and develop new fundraising ideas to bring before the club with hopes that all members will assist and participate in these club events whenever possible.

All members of The Exchange Club of Northwest Cincinnati strive to convey a favorable image of the Exchange Club to the public in hopes that others will feel welcomed and join us in our efforts supporting our community in general.


  • Youth of the Month from 6 area high schools
  • Youth of the Year Banquet
  • S.T.A.Y. (Services to Area Youth)
  • St. Joseph's Orphanage
  • St. Aloysius Orphange - Rebuilt Chapel Ceiling & Refinished Playground Equipment
  • Go Forward
  • One Way Farm
  • Clippard YMCA - 18 year partnership golf outing
  • Colerain Elementary & Jr. High - cleaned woods & park
  • Student-Athlete of the year


  • World War II Dedication
  • "Freedom Shrine" placement in schools
  • "One Nation Under God": project
  • Book of Golden Deeds
  • Fly the Flag Award

Community Service

  • Nate's Toy Box
  • YMCA
  • Hope in Heels
  • Magnified Giving
  • Franciscan Haircuts
  • People Working Cooperatively
  • Tri-State Honor Flight
  • Fishing Has No Boundaries
  • Haiti
  • Cure Starts Now
  • SON Ministries
  • Police/Fire Dept.'s in District

Our National Project

  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Counsel for the Prevention of Child Abuse


  • Celebrity Bartender
  • Road Rally