The Exchange Club of Northwest Cincinnati meets every Wednesday morning at the Clovernook Country Club, 2035 W. Galbraith Rd., (near North College Hill). Breakfast begins at 8:00 AM. Our guest speaker begins at 8:30 AM and concludes promptly at 9:00 AM."

2012 Meetings and Guest Speakers
Date Guest Guest of Location Photo
May. 23, 2012 Jeff Webler, Owner of White Oak Garden Ctr. Bob Findley Clovernook
May. 16, 2012 Scott Lane, YMCA Member Doug Hechler Clovernook
May. 9, 2012 John Folmer, City of NCH community projects John Galbraith Clovernook
May. 2, 2012 Youth of the Year Awards Dinner Clovernook
Apr. 25, 2012 Wanda Lynn Owen, Motivational Spkr., Poet, Artist Bill Harvey Clovernook
Apr. 18, 2012 Mike Gardiner Clovernook
Apr. 12, 2012 Colerain Twp. Business Assoc. and NW Exchange Mtgs Pauletta Crowley Houston Conference Ctr.
Apr. 4, 2012 Jeff Hawkins, Security Specialists Jim Brown Clovernook
Mar. 28, 2012 Bob Findley Clovernook
Mar. 21, 2012 Angela Herzog, National Exchange Bill Dorward Clovernook
Mar. 14, 2012 Student of the Month / McAuley HS Bill Dorward & John Torbeck Clovernook
Mar. 7, 2012 Pauletta Crowley Clovernook
Feb. 29, 2012 Susan Roschke, Coerain Twp Sharing Hope  and Carl Bergman, Habitat for Humanity Tom Abercrombie Clovernook
Feb. 22, 2012 Student of the Month / NCH High School Bill Harvey Clovernook
Feb. 15, 2012 No Meeting
Feb. 14th Celebrity Bartender event with Ickey Woods Clovernook CC
Jan. 25th Clovernook CC  
Jan. 18th 2012 Prediction Meeting Barnesburg Tavern  
Jan. 11th Chief Daniel Meloy Tom Abercrombie Colerain Resource Center  
Jan. 4th no meeting  

2011 Meetings and Guest Speakers
Date Guest Guest of Location Photo
Dec. 28th no meeting Clovernook  
Dec. 21 Santa Jim Brown Clovernook  
Dec. 14 Student of Month - Northwest HS John Galbraith Clovernook  
Pauletta Crowley  
Dec. 8th Christmas Luncheon w/ CTBA Clovernook  
Dec. 7th no meeting  
Nov. 30th Student of Month / LaSalle - Eric Backus Bob Finley Clovernook  
Tom Sullivan  
Nov. 23th Don Willig  
Nov. 16th Ken Segal / Cincinnati Preservation Society John Torbeck Clovernook  
     Plans for Crosley Estate, etc.  
Nov. 9th Student of Month / Mt. Healthy - Jacob Burrell Bill Page / John Chubb Clovernook  
Nov. 2nd Jim Rodd Clovernook  
Oct. 26th Larry Stone Clovernook  
Oct. 19th Gary Schroeder Clovernook  
Oct. 12th Norb Schmidt Clovernook  
Oct. 5th Mr. Glatfelter, NW  School Levy Pauletta Crowley Clovernook  
Sep 28   Denise Schenke Clovernook CC  
Sep 21 Gary Gellert, Superintendent North College Hill Bill Harvey Clovernook CC  
Sep 14 Wedding Expo Mtg.   Clovernook CC  
Sep 7   Bill Harvey Clovernook CC  
Aug 31 Timothy Nardes, YMCA's Coordinator -YMentors. Farhad Minwalla Clovernook CC  
Aug 24   Ron Long Clovernook CC  
Aug 17 No Meeting      
Aug 16 NW Exchange Golf Outing Clovernook CC  
Aug 10 Tony Upton, Green Twp. Trustee Charlie Jung Clovernook CC  
Aug 3 Mike / Clovernook CC Wedding Expo details Clovernook CC  
Jul 27 Penny Borgman / Farbach Warner “turtles” Paul Huesman Clovernook CC  
Jul 20 Mel Marmer /Baseball & The Presidency Program John Galbraith Clovernook CC  
Jul 13 Jeff Berding / Cincinnati Bengals Bob Findley Paul Brown Stadium
Jul 6 Induction of New President and VP Cheryl Tenhover Clovernook CC  
Jun 29 Sister Bonnie Steinlage
Haircuts from the heart
Tom Sullivan Clovernook CC  
Jun 22        
Jun 15 Darkness to Light Bill Dorward Clovernook CC  
Jun 8 Jayne Page Steiner / Setting up non-profits John Chubb Clovernook CC  
May 25   Steve Benson Clovernook CC  
May 18 Police & Firefighters Officers of the Year Program S. Benson/J Galbraith Clovernook CC  
May 11 Katherine Feldhues, YMCA Mentoring Program Dan Wunderlich Clovernook CC  
May 4 Youth of the Year Awards Banquet   Clovernook CC
Apr 27 Pastor Benji Sayre / Youth Minister
Colerain Methodist Church
Don Willig Clovernook CC  
Apr 21 NW Local School District Breakfast Pauletta Crowley Houston Conference Ctr.  
Apr 20 No Meeting    
Apr 13 No Meeting      
Apr 12 Celebrity Bartender Fund Raiser
Sheree Paolello Benefits Colerain Police Substation
  Clovernook CC
Apr 6 NW Exchange Elections
Police Chief / Colerain Twp
Gary Schroeder Clovernook CC  
Mar 30   Dr. Tom Sullivan Clovernook CC  
Mar 23 Student of the Month/ Mt. Healthy HS Bill Dorward / Jim Brown Clovernook CC  
Mar 16 Best Web Site Award
Denise Schenke / CG Marketing
Denise Schenke Clovernook CC  
Mar 9   Jim Rodd Clovernook CC  
Mar 2 Randy Overbeck / Teachers’ Are Hero’s Program Cheryl Tenhover Clovernook CC  
Feb 23 No Meeting  
Feb 22 Celebrity Bartender - Kerry Combs
Benefits Driving Angels Program
Bob Findley Clovernook CC
Feb 16 Student of the Month / NW High School Tom Abercrombie & Farhad Minwalla Clovernook CC  
Feb 9 Tom Abercrombie / Haiti Trip and experience Tom Abercrombie Clovernook CC  
Feb 2 Student of the Month / Colerain HS John Galbraith & Pauletta Crowley Clovernook CC  
Jan 26   Red Squirrel  
Jan 19 No Meeting    
Jan 18 2011 Prediction Meeting   Barnesburg Tavern  
Jan 13 Hamilton County Community update Colerain Senior Center  
Jan 12 No Meeting    
Jan 5   Red Squirrel  

2010 Meetings and Guest Speakers
Date Guest Guest of Location Photo
Dec 29 Finance Mtg Bob Findley Clovernook CC  
Dec 22 Rocky Boiman /Former NFL Player John Torbeck Clovernook CC  
Dec 15 Lt. Mark Denny Colerain Twp Police Dpt. Driving Angels Program Larry Stone Clovernook CC  
Dec. 9 Christmas Luncheon w/ CTBA Clovernook CC  
Dec 8 No Meeting  
Dec 1 Youth of Month/ North College Hill Cheryl Tenhover /Bill Harvey Clovernook CC  
Nov 24 Fly the Flag Tom and Tom Clovernook CC  
Nov 10 Bill Paige Clovernook CC  
Oct. 27 Dick O'Neal Clovernook CC  
Oct. 20 Judi Neiheisel Clovernook CC  
Oct. 13 Farhad Minwalla Clovernook CC  
Oct. 6 David Martorano Clovernook CC  
Sept 29 Annual Golf Outing - no meeting Bill Harvey Clovernook CC  
Sept. 22 Steve Chabot Charlie Jung Clovernook CC  
Sept. 15 Dr Eugene Reilly John Galbraith Clovernook CC  
Sept 8 Dick Ruby / Insurance Fraud Don Guill Clovernook CC  
Sept 1 Penny Borgman / Farbach Warner Paul Huesman Clovernook CC  
Aug 25 Dan Depperman Bill Harvey Clovernook CC  
Aug 18 Mike Gardiner Clovernook CC  
Aug 11 Steve Benson Clovernook CC  
Aug 4 Bob Findley Clovernook CC  
July 28 Russell Winters / Tender Mercies Bill Dorward Clovernook CC  
July 21 Bill Dorward Clovernook CC  
July 14 John Chubb Clovernook CC  
July 7 Jim Brown Clovernook CC  
June 30 Chris Monzel / City Councel Tom Abercrombie Clovernook CC  
June 23 Charles Butke / WWII Purple Heart Veteran Don Willig Clovernook CC  
June 16 Rick Kimbler w/ Northpointe Group Craig Abercrombie Clovernook CC  
June 9 Rob Butcher w/ Cincinnati Reds Clovernook CC  
June 2 Don Willig Clovernook CC  
May 26 Dick O'Neal  
May 19 Denise Schenke  
May 12 Jim Rodd  
May 5 Tom Sullivan  
April 28 Bunny / SUN Ministries Gary Schroeder Clovernook CC  
April 21 Youth of the Year Banquet Clovernook CC
April 14 Joe Wolterman /Trustee Colerain Twp Dan Wunderlich Clovernook CC  
April 7 Pauletta Crowley & Rick Glatfelter Superintendent of NW Schools Pauletta Crowley Hueston Elementary  
March 31 Bruce Schmucker Clovernook CC  
March 24 Norb Schmid Clovernook CC  
March 17 McAuley Youth of the Month Bill Harvey & Craig Abercrombie Clovernook CC  
March 10 Denise Schenke Clovernook CC  
March 3 Jim Rodd Clovernook CC  
Feb 24 Bill Paige Clovernook CC  
Feb 17 Mt. Healthy Youth of the Month John Galbraith & Cheryl Tenhover Clovernook CC  
Feb 10 Farhad Minwalla  
Feb 3 LaSalle HS Youth of the Month Tom Sulivan & Bill Dorward Clovernook CC  
Jan. 27 Prediction Meeting Vanzandt Restaurant 6:30 PM  
Jan. 20 David Martoramo / Update on YMCA Meeting held at IHOP  
Jan. 14th CTBA and NW Exchange Meeting held together at Colerain Senior Ctr  

2009 Meetings and Guest Speakers
Date Guest Guest of Location Photo
Thursday Jan 8th David Pepper, Hamilton County Commission Colerain Senior
Jan 14 PREDICTIONS for 2009 Red Squirrel  
Jan 21  Jim Brown Red Squirrel  
January 28 John Chubb Red Squirrel  
Feb. 4 Bill Dorward Clovernook CC  
Feb. 11 Colerain High School Youth of the Month AJ Schmid & John Galbraith Clovernook CC
Feb. 18 Bob Findley Clovernook CC  
Feb. 25 Kevin Celarek Bob Findley Clovernook CC  
Mar. 4 John Galbraith Clovernook CC  
Mar. 11 Colerain High School Youth of the Month AJ Schmid & John Galbraith Clovernook CC
Mar. 18 McAuley HS Bill Harvey & Craig Abercrombie Clovernook CC
Mar. 25 Jim Brazen Mike Gardiner Clovernook CC  
Apr. 1 Tom Burnett Cheryl Tenhover Clovernook CC  
Apr. 8 Bill Page Clovernook CC  
Apr. 15 John Chubb Clovernook CC  
Apr. 29 Paul Hiltz Charlie Jung Clovernook CC  
May 6 Youth of the Year Banquet Clovernook CC
May 13 Bhutanese Refugees Ron Long Clovernook CC  
May 20 Shalid Malik Farhad Minwalla Clovernook CC  
May 27 Mike Hinnenkamp Dick O’Neal Clovernook CC  
Jun. 3 TBA Bill Page Clovernook CC  
Jun. 10 TBA Jim Rodd Clovernook CC  
Jun. 17 TBA Denise Schenke Clovernook CC  
Jun. 24 Kerry Combs, Associate Head Coach, University of Cincinnati Football Tom Sullivan Clovernook CC
July 1 Rob Butcher, Director of Media Relations for the Cincinnati Reds AJ Schmid Clovernook CC  
July 8 TBA Gary Schroeder Clovernook CC  
July 15 TBA Larry Stone Clovernook CC  
July 22 Dick Stuart, Retired DEA Special Agent Norb Schmid Clovernook CC  
July 29 Cheryl Tenhover      
Aug 5 Don Willig The Pork Industry – More than Just the Other White Meat Clovernook CC  
Aug 12 Dan Wunderlich   Clovernook CC  
Aug 19 Tom Abercrombie   Clovernook CC  
Aug 26 Steve Benson Eric Johnson Colerain Animal Adaption Federation Clovernook CC  
Sep 2 Jim Brown Mary Schaeffer, Shaken Baby Syndrome Clovernook CC  
Sep 9 John Chubb Pete McConney, Treasury Department Clovernook CC  
Sep 16 Ron Long Jane Wiehe, American Red Cross, regarding Pandemic Flu - Are You Prepared Clovernook CC  
Sep 23 Bob Findley Wayne Coates – Hamilton County Recorder Clovernook CC  
Sep 30 John Galbraith   Clovernook CC  
Oct 7 Bob Findley / Business Meeting - Finance   Clovernook CC  
Oct 14 Guest of Bill Dorward Kent Cashill of RBC Capital Markets Clovernook CC  
Oct 21 Guest of Jim Brown Ruben Ortiz from Best Buy Clovernook CC  
Oct 28 Mike Gardiner   Clovernook CC  
Nov 4 Ashley Thomas / Youth of Month / North College Hill Bill Paige & Denise Schenke Clovernook CC  
Nov 11 No Meeting (Celebrity Bartender on Nov. 10th)      
Nov 18 Steve Chabot Guest of Charlie Jung Clovernook CC  
Nov 25 Harold Ziegler / Cincinnati Tea Party Guest of AJ Schmidt Clovernook CC  
Dec 2 Colerain HS Youth of the Month Guest of Ron Long & Farhad Minwalla Clovernook CC  
Dec 9 No Meeting (CTBA / NWEC Christmas Luncheon on Dec. 10th)      
Dec 16 Northwest HS Youth of the Month Guest of Charlie Jung / Tom Abercrombie Clovernook CC  
Dec 23 David Martorano   Clovernook CC  
Dec 30 Frank Birkenhauer / Colerain Twp Guest of Dan Wunderlich Clovernook CC  

2008 Meetings and Guest Speakers
Date Guest Guest of Location Photo
January 2 Skip Phelps, Father of the Late Miranda Phelps (NW High School car crash victim, May 2007 Larry Stone Red Squirrel  
January 10       CTBA, Pat Dewine, Hamilton County Commissioner Colerain Senior
January 16       Bob Bollin, Former President of Winton Savings & Loan Tom Sullivan Red Squirrel  
January 23       Predictions for 2008 Don Willig Red Squirrel  
January 30        Dick Semple Red Squirrel  
February 6 Dan Rensing, Driving the Impossible Tom Abercrombie Clovernook CC  
February 13 Youth of the Month - Northwest HS Bill Dorward & Perry Ahern Clovernook CC
February 20 Paul Hiltz, President / CEO of Mercy Hospital Mt. Airy Peggy Ahern Clovernook CC  
February 26 Celebrity Bartending @ Clovernook CC Clovernook CC  
  No Meeting    
5-Mar Youth of the Month - Colerain HS Craig Abercrombie & Bill Harvey Clovernook CC  
March 12 Youth of the Month - North College Hill Tom Abercrombie & Farhad Minwalla Clovernook CC
March 19 Steve Chabots' Business Roundtable / No regular meeting held Pebble Creek GC  
March 26 Jeff Webeler, White Oak Garden Center Tom Hilgeman Clovernook CC  
April 2 Dr. Todd Elwert, Titleist Proformance Institute Bill Dorward Clovernook CC  
April 9 Keith Banner, Visionary & Voice Studio Steve Benson Clovernook CC  
April 16 Bob Bollin, Former President of Winton Savings & Loan Bob Findley Clovernook CC  
April 23 Iris Simpson Bush, Executive Director of the Flying Pig Marathon A.J. Schmid Clovernook CC  
29-Apr Representatives of our Youth of the Month Programs from all area High Schools at our Youth of the Year Banquet Clovernook CC  
April 30 No Meeting    
May 14 Bob Hoeweler, World War II Veteran & POW John Galbraith Clovernook CC  
May 21 World War II Veterans Breakfast
12th Armored Division
Clovernook CC
May 28 Linda Fitzgerald, LSR Consultants Bill Harvey Clovernook CC  
June 4 Molly Navin, Parish Kitchen Charlie Jung Clovernook CC  
11-Jun Rob Butcher, Director of Media Relations, Cincinnati Reds A.J. Schmid Clovernook CC  
June 18 Dave Martorano, YMCA Clovernook CC  
June 25 John Rost, LCNB / Sycamore National Bank Clovernook CC  
July 2 Greg Jones, Jr. Linebacker of Michigan State Un. Football Team A.J. Schmid Clovernook CC  
July 9 Deb Lyle, Graceworks Enhanced Living Clovernook CC  
July 16 Jeff Franco, Head Pro & Clovernook CC A.J. Schmid Clovernook CC  
July 23 Bob Carson Mike Gardiner Clovernook CC  
July 30 Stephanie Creech, Ronald McDonald House Farhad Minwalla Clovernook CC  
Aug 6 Hank Boyd, Retired FBI - currently Head of Security at Federal Reserve in Cincinnati Bill Page Clovernook CC  
Aug 13 Mike Catanzaro, Energy Cost: past, present and future Dick O'Neal Clovernook CC  
Aug 20 Jim Corbett, Care Ministries International and Chuck Crumrine, Recipient of the 'So Proudly We Hail' Award Mike Freeman Clovernook CC  
Aug 27 No guest speaker Clovernook CC  
Sept 3 Chuck Locy - Fishing w/ No Boundaries Jim Rodd Clovernook CC  
Sept 10 No meeting - golf outing @ Clovernook CC    
Sept 17 Bret Wilder, Auther of "The Quiet Millionaire" Dan Wunderlich Clovernook CC  
Oct 1 Karen McCann, Council on Child Abuse (COCA) Gary Schroeder Clovernook CC  
Oct 8 Todd Bowling & Youth of the Month Northwest H.S. Larry Stone Clovernook CC  
Oct 15 Tom Sullivan Clovernook CC  
Oct 22 Tracie Metzger, founder of the Pink Ribbon Girls & Cancer survivor Cheryl Tenhover Clovernook CC  
Oct 29 Colerain / LaSalle Athlete of the Year Tom Abercrombie & Tom Sullivan Clovernook CC  
Nov 5 Mt. Healthy H.S. Youth of the Month Bill Page & John Chubb Clovernook CC
Nov 12 Don Willig SON Ministries Clovernook CC  
Nov 19 LaSalle High School Youth of the Month Tom Sullivan & Dan Wunderlich Clovernook CC
Tuesday Nov 25 Celebrity Bartending @ Clovernook CC
Nov 26 No Meeting    
Dec 3 Frank Birkenhauer, Colerain Township A.J. Schmid Clovernook CC  
Dec 10 No Meeting    
Thursday Dec 11 Christmas Luncheon w/ CTBA Clovernook CC
December 17 Northwest High School Youth of the Month Bill Dorward & Denise Schenke Clovernook CC
December 24 No Meeting    
December 31 No Meeting