Brooke Shirley – Mt. Healthy High School

Brooke has been most active in her school government each and every year as an officer – always being aware and involved. She has taken that awareness and has now become active in the school newspaper and school publications. And if that is not enough Brooke has also been an active member on the debate team here at school. She is such a well-rounded individual she has taken the time to be a member in the musical organizations here at school as well.

And if you want to see more of Brooke, look no further for she is also active as a performer with the stage and theater group here at Mt. Healthy. If you love sports, here is where Brooke’s other love is demonstrated during the basketball and golf seasons. Brooke has been a leader in both of these sports here at Mt. Healthy. Brooke takes these talents and shares her time and capabilities with her local YMCA and church group volunteering. She also has been a member of the Beta Club and on top of all of this she also has time to work in the office as well.

Brooke has been the recipient of the following awards and achievements over the last few years: League Championship with her basketball and track teams. She has also been selected into the National Honor Society, 2nd team all conference for golf and track, and has received Captains, Owl and Lamar Odem Awards here at Mt. Healthy. She has also been selected into the National Society of High School Scholars, and has won academic bowls for Minorities in Mathematics, Science and Engineering. Brooke has also won MVP for the academic team FAVC tournament match. She also has been selected as Secretary for the National Honor Society.

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2009 Youth of the Month: Brooke Shirley, Mt. Healthy High School