Gabrielle Hempel – McAuley High School

Gabrielle loves music. She has been actively participating in the band and orchestra here at McAuley. Her love and appreciation of the arts carries right over to the theater where Gabrielle has periodically been working as a behind the scenes production crew member. Gabrielle has been a member of the Ambassadors Club as well as the French Club here at school.

When her schedule allows she supports our community by serving as an officer to various organizations and volunteers service hours within the community as well.

Gabrielle has received the following achievements and awards in the following areas but please note her many accomplishments in regards to her talent in writing: First Place Honor / Mt. St. Joseph Poetry Award; on a National level her essay was published on National Public Radio, and her Poems were published on Teen Ink and in Teen Ink Fall Poetry. Here locally and on a State level, she has also received a Certificate of Merit in the Regional Qualifier in Writing, Certificate of Merit in Written Expression, Certificate of Recognition for her Creative Writings as well. ivities and community service.

Gabrielle has received a superior rating at the UC Math Bowl and a Certificate of Rank in the Martial Arts. And again on a National level – Gabrielle has received a Certificate of Acceptance to Lead America.

Youth of the Year / Past Winners

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  • 2010 - Susan Findley, McAuley High School
  • 2009 - T.J. Delaet, LaSalle High School
  • 2008 - Ashley Sandlin, Mt. Healthy High School
  • 2007 - Jennifer Walton, Northwest High School
  • 2006 - Megan Hathaway, Colerain High School
  • 2005 - Dominic Lanzillotta, LaSalle High School
  • 2004 - Dan Heister, LaSalle High School

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  • LaSalle High School - Matthew Bumpus

2012 / 2013 Youth of the Month:

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2011 / 2012 Youth of the Month:

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View Youth of the Month Photos
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2008 / 2009 Youth of the Month:

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  • LaSalle High School - T.J. Delaet (youth of the year winner)
  • McAuley igh School - Gabrielle Hempel
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2009 Youth of the Month: Gabrielle Hempel, McAuley High School